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By Sophie Rhéaume • November 10, 2017

Grill Island Construction


Fixing imperfections

Paver Pete walks us through the construction of a custom grill island using our Brandon double-sided wall product. Grill islands using Mini-Creta can be built in a very similar fashion.



Grill islands should always be installed on a concrete slab.

The slab should be minimum 6-inches thick.

We recommend fiber or steel reinforcement and concrete footers are not required. If they are installed, verify that it reaches to the frost line.


Custom touches

Paver Pete explains custom touches we made to a grill island we constructed using our Brandon wall stones.



Natural gas or liquid propane lines should be run prior to pouring.

It ensures easy access to the fuel source for the grill.

Consider standard and low-voltage wiring for any accessories or lighting elements.


Grill insertion

Incorporating appliances, such as a grill, requires some custom cutting and supports. Take a look at how Paver Pete likes to tackle this challenge.






To learn more about how we constructed this project, consult the grill island templates for either the Mini-Creta or Brandon wall systems found in the Techo-Spec guide (https://www.techo-bloc.com/en/resources/spec-book-2017-pro/)

Here’s the template for the Brandon product (p.144 of the Techo-Spec) :


And for the Mini-Creta (p.168 of the Techo-Spec):


A lower-case letter signifies the short face of the double-sided block. (ie. BD90-b)

An uppercase letter signifies the long face of the double-sided block. (ie. BD90-B)

This summer we built 2 grill islands. Come to Contractor Showcase in winter 2019 and learn how we brought to life a feature-rich landscape!