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By Sophie Rhéaume • March 2, 2018

Positive Gravity Flow of Water Behind Wall


A demonstration of properly draining away the water behind your segmental retaining wall system.


Here are the steps we recommend following to create a positive gravity flow of water behind your segmental retaining wall to allow proper drainage.

STEP 1: Build the base about 2 inches high to zero.

STEP 2: Install and secure a couple of pieces of geotextile fabric. Shingle it and bring it up the back of the blocks. Keep a 2-feet overlap.


The sediment brought by the water will be able to bypass the pipe. The water will fill into it and evacuate.

STEP 3: Add clean stone and spread it in a 4-inch consistent layer.

clean stone-3.jpg

STEP 4: Install the pipe.

STEP 5: Hold a level on top of the pipe to make sure a positive gravity flow of water is maintained, all the way to the T-box.



STEP 6: Backfill the pipe.

We guarantee there is no better filter medium than a 4-inch perforated pipe wrapped in clean stone and completely encapsulated for this application.

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