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By Sophie Rhéaume • January 12, 2018

Röcka Step Installation


An explanation and demonstration of how to install Techo-Bloc's Röcka step system using concrete lintels.

This project features our Röcka step, a 4-feet long, 6-inches tall and 15-inches deep precast unit.

In terms of tread depth, it is IRC (International Residential Code) compliant.

We present the steps to follow in order to set these units and avoid scour at the toe, and getting the right embedment.

Steps of construction

In this case, we are building a set of steps leading up to the front door.

Originally, the steps were close to the house. We chose to relocate them in the yard to add a welcoming appeal to it.

STEP 1: Compact the subgrade with a high centrifugal force rated vibratory plate.

STEP 2: Install a high-quality woven geotextile fabric.

STEP 3: Add #57 stone for the base and compact it.

STEP 4: Set a precast concrete lintel and level it side to side.


A lintel is a concrete unit with two pieces of steel reinforcement through the centre.

It can be set 3-inches tall while keeping the same depth (15 inches).

setting lentil.jpg

The pitch of this unit facilitates water circulation.

STEP 5: Apply adhesive and set the Röcka step on the lintel.


setting rocka on lentil-1.jpg

STEP 6: Backfill with clean stone and compact it.

STEP 7: Add a biaxial geogrid.

setting grid 2.jpg

This grid helps to stabilize the aggregate.

A biaxial grid is better than a uniaxial one for step or raised patio construction because it has strength in both directions.

STEP 8: Apply adhesive on the geogrid while keeping it tensioned.

adding adhesive on the grid.jpg

STEP 9: Set the next Röcka unit.

Allow 1 ¼ inch overhang to be able to build these steps monolithically.

setting rocka on grid.jpg

To establish rise and run calculation, concrete nail pins and line collars can be used.


For additional help, you can also refer to this cross section of a monolithic step construction:

step cross section.jpg