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By Sophie Rhéaume • July 30, 2017

Steps for Segmental Retaining Wall Construction


 Paver Pete covers the basics of SRW construction. Soil compaction, geotextile fabric, base dimensions and construction, drainage and block units are discussed. 


STEP 1: Establish a proper layout knowing the property lines

STEP 2: Excavate following the 6666 rule for base:

  • 6 inches beyond the heel of the block
  • 6 inches beyond the toe of the block
  • 6 inches deep
  • 6 inches for embedment

STEP 3: Classify the subgrade (to be done before work begins and validated by crew on the ground)

In this case : Presence of silt soil, so we will use vibratory compacting efforts.

STEP 4: Install a geotextile fabric.

Recommendation of fabric: Woven type, tensioned at 3 %, so the tension in 2 directions can bridge minor differential settlement of the subgrade.

STEP 5: Install the base.

Recommendation of stone: ¾ inch clean stone. It is self-consolidating and freeze-thaw insusceptible. Water that may accumulate in the base, will expand in the void space in winter and won’t affect its integrity.

666 rule.jpg

STEP 6: Add bedding layer out of #8 stone to choke off the 57 and get our block leveled.

In that case: We used the Raffinato polished blocks from Techo-Bloc, available in 7 and 3.5 inches.