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By Sophie Rhéaume • December 20, 2017

Transitioning from Interlocking to Permeable Pavement


Paver Pete explains how to properly transition from interlocking to permeable pavement.



We built a base of densely graded stone for an interlocking pavement driveway.

We compacted it to optimum density with a large vibratory plate unit.

It is equipped with an integral sensor that measures the density.

large vibratory plate.jpg

Smaller reversible units should be used around the edges and tight areas.

If you are planning on adding a permeable pavement next to an interlocking pavement, here’s how to do it:

STEP 1: Use a geotextile fabric to segregate the densely graded stone of the interlocking pavement from the open graded stone of the permeable pavement.

We want to prevent migration of the fines from one material to the other.

STEP 2: Cut away the #8 stone, used for the bedding layer of the permeable pavement.

cut away-1.jpg

STEP 3: Take a strip of geotextile fabric and install it on top of the densely graded stone. Extend it up the sides of the paving stones.

Add strip of geotextile.jpg

The sand of the setting bed won’t migrate into the open graded bedding layer of the permeable pavement.