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2 Water Features You'll Love to Add to Your Client's Backyard or Front Yard

Who doesn't feel stressed nowadays? We feel pressure to perform and be successful in many aspects of our lives....

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The best way to shoot grades and establish elevations.

Don't start digging right away! Create a construction plan first. Evaluating the existing conditions and...

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The Complete List of Construction Tools Every Hardscaper Should Have in Their Trailer

Your favorite landscape rake broke and you need another one? You might not be as well equipped as you think. We...

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How to Build a Patio on a Permeable Base

Impress your potential clients with a one of a kind patio offering. The raised patio we built last summer made a big...

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Why You Should Master Upsell Techniques to Give Homeowners What They Didn't Know They Wanted

The floor and steps of your outdoor living space are in. Does it stop there? Do you just pack up and leave?

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Concrete Slab Installation: How to Lift Heavy-Duty Paving Stones Without Breaking Your Back

In the early days of precast concrete landscaping materials, contractors and homeowners were limited to small...

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3 Simple Sales Tips to Win a Landscaping Job

Even if you have the best marketing strategy in the world, it won't lead you anywhere if you can't sell your job...

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Brick Pavers vs Concrete Pavers – Choose the Best Option for your Landscaping Project

The current market presents many kinds of pavers. When you're faced with so many options, it becomes tricky to make...

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How to Use Social Media Marketing to Promote your Landscaping Business

There are many ways to gain more customers. Applying a new marketing strategy can affect the health of your...

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Understanding the Digital Marketing Landscape - Everything a Hardscaper Should Know

Lost in the digital marketing landscape?

It's time to face the reality: in 2019, if customers can't find you online,...

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