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By Sophie Rhéaume • March 29, 2019

The Complete List of Construction Tools Every Hardscaper Should Have in Their Trailer


Your favorite landscape rake broke and you need another one? You might not be as well equipped as you think. We consulted our experts and came up with the complete list of construction tools you should bring with you to overcome any challenge.

Gas-Powered  Construction Tools


  • 1x Jumping Jack
  • 1x Reversible Vibratory Plate (4-5,000 lb C.F.)
  • 1x Reversible Vibratory Plate (8-12,000 lb C.F.)
  • 2x Quick Cuts / Demo Saw
  • 1x Backpack Blower
  • 1x 3-5 GPM Power Washer
  • 1x Hose with nozzle


If you’re searching for a good quality plate compactor, Bartell Global is your best bet.

The new OSHA silica standard restricted our choices of masonry saw since american landscapers now get severely punished if they produce dust while cutting a block.

We don’t recommend wet cutting technology since it’s very messy. Consider getting a dry cutting with dust control masonry saw. You can read more about it in our Dry Cutting with Dust Control vs Wet Cutting article.


Electric/Battery-Powered Tools


  • 2x Angle Grinder 4 1/2”
  • 2x Angle Grinder 9”
  • 1x Hammer Drill (with core & bits)
  • 1x Vacuum Lifting Machine
  • 2x Commercial-Grade Extension Cords



  • 20x Grade Stakes / Nail or Concrete Pins 2’
  • 10x Grade Stakes / Nail or Concrete Pins 3’
  • 6x Grade Stakes / Nail or Concrete Pins 4’
  • 40x StringAlong Collars
  • 1x Laser with Tripod
  • 1x Laser Rod or Stick (0+0 benchmark)
  • 10x rolls Masonry String
  • 2x Giant Chalkline
  • 1x Chalk (refill)
  • 6x Measuring Tape 25’
  • 6x Measuring Tape 35’
  • 2x Measuring Tape Reel 300’




Grade Rails / Screed Guides


  • 9x 8’
  • 4x 6’
  • 4x 4’
  • 4x 2’
  • 2 EA. Screed Boards 10’,8’,6’,4’ (mag. or alu.)





  • 4x Torpedo Level
  • 2x 2’
  • 4x 4’
  • 1x 6’
  • 1x 8’



Other Construction Tools


  • 1x Tool Kit
  • 2x Tin Snips
  • 1x Large Folding Square
  • 2x Carpenter Square 16” x 24”
  • 4x Quick Square 7” x 7”
  • 4x Pointed Shovels
  • 4x Square Shovels
  • 2x Pickaxe
  • 2x Mattock
  • 3x Landscape Rakes
  • 2x Lute/Asphalt Rakes
  • 1x The Pounder
  • 1x 12” x 12” Hand Tamper
  • 4x Small Dead Blow
  • 2x Large Dead Blow
  • 2x Mason Hammer
  • 2x 2-3 lbs Pound Maul
  • 2x 2” Chisel
  • 2x 4” Chisel
  • 2x Caulk/Glue Guns 10 oz
  • 2x Caulk/Glue Guns 20 oz
  • 2x Wheel Barrows
  • 2x Rough Brooms
  • 2x Finishing Brooms
  • 4x Diesel Safety Can (yellow)
  • 1x Gas Can (red)
  • 2x Mixed Fuel Can




Specialty Landscaping Tools


  • 1x Slab Splitter
  • 1x Paver Splitter
  • 1x Block Splitter
  • 4x SlabGRABBER
  • 1x SlabHANDLER
  • 1x Ergo XL
  • 1x BL-980
  • 1x BL-450
  • 1x BL-109
  • 2x BL-100 Wall Slab Lifters
  • 1x Quick-E-Hammer
  • 1x pr Quick-E-Lifters
  • 1x Quick-E-Scribe
  • 1x QuickDRAW
  • 1x box Soap Stone
  • 1x box Red Lead Pencils
  • 1x box Black Markers (Sharpie)
  • 1x box Construction Crayons
  • 1x Quick E-Gauge
  • 2x Quick-E-Wall
  • 1x Screed System
  • 1x Paver Extractor
  • 1x Paver Adjuster
  • 1x Persuader
  • 8x Utility Knives
  • 64x Utility Knife Blades
  • 2x Small Finishing Trowels
  • 1x Float Trowel

Pave Tool Innovators offers a handful of construction tools that will make your life easier. Visit their website today.

Slabs are tough to move around. Go to Concrete Slab Installation: How to Lift Heavy-Duty Paving Stones Without Breaking Your Back to consult a landscape tools list you can buy to help you and your team.

Safety Equipment


Better be safe than sorry! Protect your crew today, you need them in your team!

  • 144x Masks N95
  • 4x Masks HEPA
  • 4x Masks Refill Cartridges
  • 144x Safety Glasses
  • 4x Attenuators (hearing protection)
  • 200x Attenuators (hearing protection — ear plugs)
  • 4x Hard Hats
  • 1x First Aid Kit
  • 1x box Antiseptic Wipes

Go to 5 Landscaping Tools Every Hardscaper Can’t Live Without as well to review what are our favorites!

Interested to see us taking advantage of these tools in a patio project? Check out How to Build a Patio on a Permeable Base.




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