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By Sophie Rhéaume • March 9, 2019

Brick Pavers vs Concrete Pavers – Choose the Best Option for your Landscaping Project


The current market presents many kinds of pavers. When you're faced with so many options, it becomes tricky to make the best choice. Your choice of paver will influence your design AND your productivity. It's best to strike a balance between both. We compared the kind of paver we produce (concrete paver) with the clay brick pavers currently sold on the market. Curious to know the differences?

Why Concrete Pavers are the Best Option

How beautiful are those old traditional clay brick houses?

Year after year, they keep standing tall and strong, withstanding the harshest climates.

I bet those homeowners would love to be offered a driveway that matches their house.

However, it becomes challenging design-wise, because red is no easy color to match. Although the color won’t fade with time and won’t stain easily, there are many instances showing how brick pavers may not always be strong enough to survive the passing of time in harsh climates.

Concrete pavers present far more design and color options than brick pavers. Concrete pavers are colored with iron-oxide pigment and aggregates, while clay brick pavers are formed by natural clays, offering limited color variation.

Homeowners love the look of brick pavers, but they put a huge strain on your labor and your overall productivity.

The dimensional tolerances of concrete pavers are much tighter than their clay counterparts. When the dimensions are consistent, production rates are higher. Concrete pavers also have a consistent joint opening, facilitating joint fill, improving aesthetics and ensuring proper interlock. We can’t say the same for brick pavers.

You may like cutting pavers, but you won’t like how hard it is to cut clay brick. You won’t be pleased by an increased labor cost either.

Plus, you may have to do that all over again if the pavement fails, and brick pavers may crack under heavy vehicular traffic.

Game-changing Concrete Paver: Mika

At Techo-Bloc, we wanted to replicate the beauty of a clay brick paver, while retaining all the benefits of concrete. That is why we decided to expand our paver line.

Last year, we introduced our new Mika pavers. An improved version of a classic!

concrete-paverMika in Burgundy

Mika comes in Rock Garden Brown, Carbon and a striking Burgundy color. It measures 2 3/4" x 4 7/16" x 11" and features a pronounced joint adding character and permitting use in permeable applications. 

This paving stone features high-definition texture and is made from our highest density concrete thanks to our HD2 technology It is also covered by our Stonedge warranty and will resist de-icing salts and vehicular traffic.

concrete-paver-vs-brick-paverMika and Villagio by Natural Design Landscapes

Travertina Raw Paver

Why stop with one texture when you can have two? We’ve also extended our Travertina Raw family.  This new paver joins the Travertina Raw slab, wall, pool coping and cap collection.


Just like the Mika, Travertina Raw Paver. resists vehicular traffic.

It's travertine your customers can drive on!

Available in the same colors as the rest of the collection, it becomes easy to match your client’s backyard with their driveway.

Plus, if your client is feeling the eco-friendly vibe, or you’re searching for drainage solutions, the Travertina Raw paver is a dual-purpose product! Conventional interlocking concrete pavements or permeable pavements are both possible with this concrete paver.

We guarantee you can count on this product to resist damage caused by de-icing salts, and HD2 technology  brings a level of quality you have never seen before.

It doesn’t get any stronger, brighter and more detailed than this!