Inspiring Artscapes

Pool Coping Installation

Paver Pete shows the details that go into the installation of a pool coping.

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Concrete Porch Overlay Installation

Paver Pete demonstrates how to assess existing conditions and the steps to follow for a concrete porch overlay...

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Base Options for SRW Construction

Paver Pete explains different soil stabilization methods and how to use flowable fill.

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Heated Walkway Construction

Paver Pete presents all the steps required to construct a heated walkway.

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Sunken Fire Pit Construction

Paver Pete discusses the embracing of grade changes to simplify construction, reduce costs, add character and intimacy...

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Independent Step Construction

Independent step construction method presented for circumstances where the elevation changes result in a modified riser...

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Raffinato Feature Wall Installation

Paver Pete covers the steps required to install a feature wall that incorporates fire and water.

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Steps for Segmental Retaining Wall Construction

 Paver Pete covers the basics of SRW construction. Soil compaction, geotextile fabric, base dimensions and...

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