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By Sophie Rhéaume • December 20, 2017

Aggregate Selection


Interlocking Pavement

 We present different aggregates that can be used in an interlocking pavement installation.


We recommend a visual of lab testing of the aggregates you wish to use for a project.

Here are the aggregates that can be chosen for an interlocking pavement construction:

  • Densely graded stone: ¾ inch angular stone, down the fines.

Densely graded stone.jpg

  • Washed concrete sand: Coarse angular sand without fines. It has a good drainage ability.
washed concrete sand.jpg

Here is a cross section of an interlocking concrete pavement that illustrates every component of that system:

Cross section ICP.jpg

Permeable Pavement

Here are different aggregates that can be used in a permeable pavement installation.


The types of aggregates you should keep in mind for a permeable pavement are the following:

  • Granite based hard stone. If you can’t find this type of stone, the aggregate you replace it with should be hardness tested.
  • 2 to 3-inch clean stone for the subbase

pile of 2 and 3.jpg

  • ¾ inch stone for the base
3 quarter inch stone-1.jpg
  • #8 stone, ¼-inch clean stone. It is 2 inches thick and less than 5% passing a 200 sieve. It will act as a pre-filtration.

number 8.jpg

Here is a cross section of a permeable pavement, illustrating all its components in full infiltration conditions:

Full SPP.jpg

And partial infiltration conditions:

Partial SPP.jpg