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Pool Coping Installation

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Paver Pete shows the details that go into the installation of a pool coping.

Part 1 : Preparation and adhesion

: Grind out imperfections on the surface. We recommend dustless technology to improve efficiency and keep the site clean.


STEP 2: Inspect the copper bonding cables for the pool equipment, the junction box and the plastic steps.

copper cable-1.jpg

STEP 3: Sponge off the pool surround and the underside of the pool coping to ensure proper adhesion.


STEP 4: Use an adhesive to install the pool coping. See adhesive options below.

flex lock.jpg

Adhesives options : 

- Mortar : Buildable, inflexible and strong but it can cause efflorescence

- Flexlock: Polyurethane-based, fast and hydraulic

Advantages of using the Bullnose Grande by Techo-Bloc :

- Great blend of color with a beautiful polished texture

- Presence of a spacer bar to prevent chipping

Part 2 : Transition joint 


STEP 1 : Insert a foam backer rod into the joints as a filler to reduce the quantity of caulk required in the next step.

foam rod.jpg

STEP 2 : Apply the self-leveling caulk to seal the joint and make it waterproof.


STEP 3 (OPTIONAL) : Sprinkle the joint fill material over the joint to maintain a consistent appearance for all joints. See joint fill material options below.

aqua rock.jpg

Joint fill material options :

- Polymeric sand : For interlocking concrete pavers and concrete paving slab installs

- Aqua Rock by Alliance : For permeable pavement. This material allows water to flow freely through the joints.

Final result :




 Pool copings brochure - EN

Download the brochure

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