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By Sophie Rhéaume • April 27, 2018

Lifting & Handling Tools for Slab Installation


Paver Pete discusses and demonstrates lifting and handling tools for slab installation. 

Our large-scale slabs are heavy units but moving them around the jobsite doesn’t have to be troublesome.

Providing your crew with the right tools helps to:

  • Increase your productivity
  • Retain your labor force by providing a safer and more positive working environment

Here are some great options to handle large-scale slabs safely.

  • Vacuum lifter: Place the tool on the unit, turn it on and wait for the gauge to turn green, then lift the unit.

With this tool, you can move a slab, like Aberdeen, around the jobsite easily, set it in place, even adjust it and then go grab the next piece very quickly.

It has a hook on top allowing it to be attached to an excavator or skid steer.

vacuum lifter

There is also another type of vacuum lifter that can run on a 110V current instead of relying on a battery.

Plug it in above the garage door or to a generator, hit the switch and it’s ready to go. No setup time at all.

householkd current

  • Manual lifter: Adjust the width to the size of the slab, Blu Grande for example, then you can lift and move it around with ease. It works well, regardless of the texture, even with a very detailed surface like our Ocean Grande.

manual lifter-1

3- Hand tools: Other lifting tools exist to move smaller products.

slab grabbers

Click here to visit Pave Tech’s website for more information on these tools.