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Must-Know Tips for Any Hardscaper Looking to Grow Their Facebook Presence

Publish by Publié par Jonathan Hendy on le Jul 13, 2017 11:52:36 AM

1. Keep Content up to Date With Facebook Scheduling 

Although this feature has been instrumental to Facebook for quite a while, what a lot of people don’t know is you can schedule dozens and dozens of Facebook posts.

This is perfect for any hardscaper during the busy summer season. You can just prepare a few pictures and captions one day after work and then choose when you want them to go live down to the minute.

2. Facebook Page Messages

Homeowners want to contact you, so let them know you’re available. Ultimately, aim to get the “Very Responsive” badge that Facebook includes on your company page when you respond to messages quickly. For details, please press here.

3. Profile Pictures and Cover Photos

Plain and simple, we advise that contractors make their company logo their profile picture (so as to establish their brand) and make a project that they’re particularly proud of their cover photo (so as to draw homeowner attention). Whatever you do, DON’T leave these blank.

If you have zero idea what a profile picture/cover photo is, that’s perfectly okay. Here’s Apple Music’s Facebook page.

Facebook Presence (1)-1.png

The profile picture is the Apple Music logo and the cover photo is the large rectangular shaped one in the middle-right top-hand corner. Take notes!

4. Facebook Insights

If you haven’t already explored your insights, you need to. They’ll let you know who your audience is, which will allow you to determine whether or not you’re reaching out to the right people (after all, the point of this is to gather more clients).

Your insights will tell you all about where your fans are from, their gender, etc. Here’s a sample of what the page looks like:

Facebook Presence (2)-1.png

Additionally, Insights lets you know how successful your posts are in terms of reach (how many eyeballs you successfully reached out to), engagement (how many of those eyeball glances lead to clicks, likes, comments, shares, etc.), and so forth. Knowing how to use this area of Facebook is key in determining what content is working for you.

Facebook Presence (3).png

Your insights will also allow you to determine when your fans are online, the importance of which we’ll cover in tip #6.

5. Posting Times (Use Your Insights)

Post consistently throughout the week (yes, you should be posting weekly, if not daily) and post at the right time. What’s the best time to post? Unfortunately, there’s no tell all answer. But, there is a solution catered for you.

Facebook Presence (4).png

The image above looks complicated, right? Wrong. This area of your Insights is simply telling you which day and at what time most of your fans are online. Does your chart peak at 8AM? Then try scheduling a post for around that time. After all, the goal is to reach as many people as possible.

6. Answer Comments

We see this happening time and time again; potential clients comment questions on a contractor’s post and no one answers it…Don’t let this be you. If a homeowner asks you what slabs you used for a job, let them know. Doing so is the first step towards another sale. 


#TBT and #FF

Techo-Bloc has Throwback Thursdays and Feature Fridays where we post amazing and unique pictures of projects from our landscapers. They’re a great way to increase your clientele base as well as your presence in the hardscape community.

To find these photos, we mainly search through our Messages (the ones you send us), but also our Visitor Posts and Mentions (to mention as just include @Techo-Bloc) sections. If you want to get featured on one of these days for extra exposure, don’t forget to use the tips mentioned above!

Everyone Loves Timelapses

Timelapses are a great way to show people what your company is capable of. It’s a great compliment to any portfolio and will convince homeowners all the more that you’re the right choice for their backyard renovation. It also doesn’t hurt to create 3D renders alongside these and post them to your Facebook account.


Do you use Facebook for your landscaping company? Did we miss any points? Let us know that and more in the comments below.


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