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Steps for Segmental Retaining Wall Construction

Publish by Publié par Sophie Rhéaume on le Jul 30, 2017 7:35:01 AM

 Paver Pete covers the basics of SRW construction. Soil compaction, geotextile fabric, base dimensions and construction, drainage and block units are discussed. 


STEP 1: Establish a proper layout knowing the property lines

STEP 2: Excavate following the 6666 rule for base:

  • 6 inches beyond the heel of the block
  • 6 inches beyond the toe of the block
  • 6 inches deep
  • 6 inches for embedment

STEP 3: Classify the subgrade (to be done before work begins and validated by crew on the ground)

In this case : Presence of silt soil, so we will use vibratory compacting efforts.

STEP 4: Install a geotextile fabric.

Recommendation of fabric: Woven type, tensioned at 3 %, so the tension in 2 directions can bridge minor differential settlement of the subgrade.

STEP 5: Install the base.

Recommendation of stone: ¾ inch clean stone. It is self-consolidating and freeze-thaw insusceptible. Water that may accumulate in the base, will expand in the void space in winter and won’t affect its integrity.

666 rule.jpg

STEP 6: Add bedding layer out of #8 stone to choke off the 57 and get our block leveled.

In that case: We used the Raffinato polished blocks from Techo-Bloc, available in 7 and 3.5 inches.






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