Inspiring Artscapes

Fence Wall Construction

Paver Pete shows step by step how to build a fence wall.

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Final Preparation of Base for Setting Bed

Paver Pete shows us how to finalize the base before installing the setting bed on an interlocking pavement...

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From 80 mm to 60 mm

Improving an already great product

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Preparation of Setting Bed for Pavers

Paver Pete demonstrates how to prepare the setting bed for the pavers in an interlocking pavement installation.

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Positive Gravity Flow of Water Behind Wall

A demonstration of properly draining away the water behind your segmental retaining wall system.

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Edge Installation

Paver Pete demonstrates how to install our Avignon edge product.

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Daylighted Drain Tile in SRW Construction

Paver Pete explains what to do with your daylighted drain tile in a segmental retaining wall installation.

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Cleaning and Sealing a Segmental Retaining Wall

An explanation and demonstration on how to clean and seal a retaining wall.

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