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Value Oriented Drainage Solutions

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Paver Pete covers the drainage solutions that exist for a pool deck. A permeable pavement system is selected and the construction details are described.


Paving between 2 fixed points and have a drainage problem? Here are the options:

  • Trench drain: Unattractive
  • Slot drain: Expensive and commercial-looking
  • OUR SOLUTION: Segmental permeable pavement system, which is seamless and represents the best value.

Techo-Bloc products:

  • Largest offering of segmental permeable pavement in large scale slabs.
  • For this project, the homeowner chose the Blu Grande.

Installation of a permeable pavement system

Dimensions for this project:

  • 5 units coming off the coping at 3/16 inch/foot (1.5%)
  • 3 units coming off the cabana at 5/16 inch/foot (2.5%)

2 fixed points (2).jpg

STEP 1: Install a geotextile fabric that has a high apparent opening size (AOS).

STEP 2: Place a 4-inch bed of ¾” clean stone (#57) on the fabric.


STEP 3: Install a schedule 40 pipe with the holes down to allow the water to flow into the dry well. Pipe must be encapsulated by at least 4” of clean stone.


STEPS 4 & 5: Add rest of ¾” clean, open-graded stone for the base, another layer of fabric and finally the bedding layer. The second layer of fabric is to prevent the bedding layer from migrating into the base over time.


STEPS 6 & 7: Lay permeable paving units and use Gator Aqua Rock, or other approved aggregate (AASHTO #8, #9, #89), as joint fill.


Final result:



permeable paver.jpg

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