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Designing and Building a Child-Proof Backyard

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Because child-proofing and design aren’t mutually exclusive.

1. Traditional Wood Decks Are Not That Child Friendly. Discover The Advantages of Borealis

Ever heard of Arsenic? It’s a chemical that’s at the basis of a lot of the pressure treated wood decks, picnic tables, and play sets that we surround ourselves with. According to this May 2016 warning released by the US Environmental Protection Agency, arsenic poses a lot of health risks for you and your children. In fact, many states require specific guidance or instructions for the disposal of treated wood.

But the disadvantages of real wood don’t stop there. Important health reasons aside, constant maintenance and sealing are instrumental to ensure that real wood remains aesthetically pleasing.

In contrast, Techo-Bloc’s Borealis is made of concrete, which means it’ll last a whole lot longer and age a lot better than a wood deck ever could. It requires no maintenance ever, and won’t let any splinters ruin the fun.

Featured here: Borealis Slab


2. Leave the Falling to Humpty Dumpty

Tripping is inevitable with young children. Unfortunately, so are the tears that follow. Try gearing your clients in the direction of pavilions instead of large staircases. The more gradual change in levels will not only help them create a more practical backyard with spaces that cater to various uses, but will ensure that if a toddler does fall they won’t be going too far down.

Featured here: Blu 60mm (slate finish) in Harvest Gold


3. Always Keep Grass and Shade in Mind

Whether it be a few square feet of grass for a swing set or sprinklers, a sand box to dig or a shaded place beneath big tress or a pergola; kids need a play area where they have room to run around without fear of small injuries. We know how innovative our hardscape community is. So consider recommending creative ideas of your own to your client - they’ll usually build on your suggestions. In the long run you may very well end up creating a design space that’s completely and utterly one-of-a-kind.


4. Install Pavers That Are Reasonably Slip Resistant and Provide Traction Under the Foot

Mista, Aberdeen, Industria Granitex Galaxy and Inflo have all undergone industry proficient slip resistant test.

We understand how important the family unit is, which is exactly why we’ve designed our products with kids in mind. Our slabs and pavers have been engineered for that timid jog we all settle for on our way out of the pool and onto the diving board. Now, we stand by the famous “Don’t run around the pool” rule our parents all told us as children, but Techo-Bloc products will help your clients feel all the more secure.

Featured here: Bali Travertina coping and Travertina Slabs


5. Recommend Light Shades So They Don't Burn Their Feet

The role that color plays in heat may not be as obvious to a homeowner as it is to you, so always take the time to explain to them that darker shades absorb more of the sun’s heat. As such, suggest colors like Beige Cream, Greyed Nickel, Sauvignon Oak, Ivory, and any other lighter tones. Consult our Solar Reflectance Index Chart for more information on which products rank the best.

Featured here: Blu 60mm slab and Bullnose pool coping


6. Align The Pool to a Window in The House Where the Homeowner Spends Their Time

If you’re going to install a pool in a backyard, make sure it’s within eye-view of an area in the house where the homeowners can watch their kids easily (like a bay window, glass patio door, kitchen window, etc.) Doing so will allow the homeowners to make sure the kids stay safe at all times.

7. Suggest A Pool Coping That's Smooth Around the Edges

Recommend rounded edges and smooth textures for when the children come up from under water and latch onto the edge of the pool. Choose the Bullnose Grande or the Bali Travertina pool copings for comfortable and easy lounging for your clients’ kids.

Featured here: Bullnose Grande pool coping and Aberdeen slab


8. Don’t Forget the Fence

If your homeowner wants a pool, have them install a fence too. This is one area of safety that you definitely don’t want to be stingy about. Although fences will primarily serve to ensure that children don’t get into the pool without supervision, they’re also great at keeping pesky rodents outside the water’s vicinity. Glass fences are a modern alternative that combine the best of safety and style.

Featured here: Aberdeen slab 10×30 & Piedimonte pool coping 


Have any child-friendly tips that you’ve picked up during the years? Let us know in the comment section below!




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