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5 Steps to Taking a Spectacular Social Media Picture

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We’re living in an age of high-resolution everything, so skimping on pictures is definitely something to avoid.

That being said, not everyone has a $1000 camera…but are they even necessary? Not really. Depending on the model, your smartphone is perfectly capable of gathering some stunning pictures that will ultimately help you increase your sales.

1. Avoid Unrealistic Filters

Adding a little colour or adjusting the brightness of a picture is fine, but, that aside, stick to the natural beauty of your project – it can speak for itself.


2. Make Sure Your Camera is Focused

Blurry shots can be super artsy, but homeowners want to know what they’re dealing with, so make sure your image is crisp. Is the shot coming up pixelated? When it comes to photography, “LOTS of light” is the motto you should live by.


3. Play Around with the Angles

Don’t exactly have an eye for photography? Here’s a trick: walk around the property with your phone in hand and look into your screen for a good angle. Photography doesn’t come naturally to everyone, but playing around with angles is the best way to ensure that your picture does you and your teams hard work justice.

Just focus on having fun with it. Remember, social media is like an online portfolio.

4. Stabilize Your Hand

If your hands won’t stop shaking, be sure to ask a colleague on hand to help you out.


5. Put Away the Tools and Clean Your Pavers

As much as we completely understand how beautiful your skid steer and compactor are…that’s not usually homeowners’ source of inspiration. Show them how beautiful you can make a backyard look once it’s new and clean.  

JdLandscaping-e1471637357914.pngCourtesy of @jdlandscapingllc's Instagram

Still don’t think you can do your job justice? What matters is that you tried. Consider seeking out the help of a professional photographer or even a younger relative of yours that has a knack for arts and technology. They’ll be able to ensure that your pictures help secure you more clients.

Bonus Tip:

Before and After pictures are great no matter the social media platform

Sample Shots: 







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