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Twitter: 9 Ways to Make the Most Out of Hardscaping Online

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1. Get People Involved and Engaged in Your Conversation

Get creative and post content that incites people to answer back. Twitter is like one huge forum; people want to get involved, but you have to give them a reason to do so.

We suggest using Twitter as a way to increase your authority in the hardscape community. Competition is important, but on Twitter the best way to solidify yourself is to share your innovative design and installation experiences as well as genuinely befriend people.

2. Hashtagging May Not Be Necessary, But There’s Still an Art to It

You can search for a word without it being hashtagged (unlike Instagram) and have it still show up on in the search.

However, that notorious blue hyperlink that comes with hashtagging can really catch a user’s eye as they scroll through their monotone feed. Just be sure not to over hashtag as it may then have the opposite effect; when a caption is too hashtag intensive, it looks like spam and users look away.

3. Use Visual Content

Your goal is to get a person to stop scrolling and appreciate your tweet. One of the most effective ways to ensure this is to post nice pictures of your jobs!

If you’re already an avid social media user, you know that you can have your Instagram updates directly send to Twitter, but we advise against that. Repost the picture as it’s own post on Twitter. If you don’t, users will have to press on a hyperlink to access your image, and in an age of lazy, no one wants to put that much effort into things.


4. Let Your Inner Comedian Shine

Above all, Twitter is about having a great time. So if you can think of any industry related jokes or funny stories, by all means, share them! By doing so, fellow contractors will take interest in your feed. Remember, notoriety, notoriety, notoriety.

By the time Contractor Showcase comes around, you’ll be a landscaping celebrity.

Twitter-2-1024x851.jpgPicture courtesy of @Lakeridgecon

5. Like and Retweet

Celebrate industry success by liking and retweeting fellow contractor and even Techo-Bloc posts. When you do, these industry professionals take note of you, which will increase your reach.

Also, by retweeting a beautiful project that’s been shared, you’ll be feeding homeowners ideas for future endeavours they’ll need your help on. It’s a win-win. Approach social media as a massive and versatile portfolio.


6. Geo-Locate Your Tweets

(meaning: indicate your location on all your posts)

This is an easy way to ensure that clients in your area will be able to find you.


7. Avoid Filters

Let the natural beauty of your pictures shine through. Crazy colour contrasts were great in the 70s, but let’s leave them where they were.


8. Mentioning

Mentioning partners or brands in your posts can increase your reach. In order to mention someone simply type in the “@” sign followed by their Twitter account name.

We recommend mentioning the coworkers, brands (i.e. Techo-Bloc), homeowners, or anyone else involved in the project process. By doing so, you gain those peoples’ attention.

9. Twitter Analytics

For anyone interested in really knowing their Twitter demographic, this is your holy grail. Not only will Twitter tell you which Tweets of yours at the most successful in terms of reach and engagement rate, but it will (free of charge might I add) let you know the average net worth of your followers, their interests, their occupations, etc.

It is a tremendous tool that is really worth exploring.

Here’s a sample from MarketingLand



#TBT and #FF

Techo-Bloc has Throwback Thursdays and Feature Fridays where we post amazing and unique pictures of projects from our landscapers. They’re a great way to increase your clientele base as well as your presence in the hardscape community.

To find these photos, we search through search Twitter for any mention of “Techo-Bloc.” If you want to get featured on one of these days for extra exposure, don’t forget to use the tips mentioned above!

Some of hardscaping’s most active Twitter users that you can use for inspiration are:




Everyone Loves Timelapses

Timelapses are a great way to show people what your company is capable of. It’s a great compliment to any portfolio and will convince homeowners all the more that you’re the right choice for their backyard renovation. It also doesn’t hurt to create 3D renders alongside these and post them to your Twitter account.



Do you use Twitter for your landscaping company? Did we miss any points? Let us know that and more in the comments below.




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