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Attracting the Right Clients: Developing a Marketing Message to Make Your Hardscape Business Stand Out

Publish by Publié par Jonathan Hendy on le Jul 30, 2016 10:17:44 AM


There are many different types of customers out there with all kinds of different needs. The trick is finding the type of customer that values what you’re really good at. How do you do that? By identifying and communicating your strengths/value proposition in a way that is aligned with those customers’ needs. This is a strategy that relies on psychographic segmentation: targeting homeowners on their interests and lifestyles.


When we’re able to pinpoint our strengths, identify the value these bring, and craft a clearer message that speaks to a specific segment of the market and is in line with what you’re really good at, you attract better leads, close more deals, satisfy more customers and get more referrals.

Our #WHYIHARDSCAPE (3-5 minute) quiz is a valuable tool that pinpoints your strengths, identifies what kind of hardscaper you are, helps you craft your marketing message, and develop your sales pitch accordingly.

Take the quiz now!

What Makes You Different?

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