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By Sophie Rhéaume • May 15, 2020

4 Outdoor Living Trends That Will Influence Your Offering This Season


Give them what they are looking for to make their outdoor living dreams come true!


Spring is the perfect time to prepare for the upcoming season. Homeowners already have ideas of how they will renovate their backyard this summer. Whether it’s lights, cooking features or new designs, there are plenty of ways they can add comfort and entertainment to their outdoor living space. But what exactly are they looking for this year?

Multi-functional Outdoor Features


More people want their outdoor living to extend to their backyards. Traveling costs a lot of money, and staycations are becoming more popular. What can you do to make their staycation the best it can be?

It’s all about bringing their indoors out and making sure their outdoor living is as comfortable as their indoor living. How about building an outdoor kitchen so they can cook outside in the sun, while entertaining friends and family, instead of locking themselves inside? Suggest some interesting outdoor additions, such as grill islands, counters, bars and wood-fired ovens that will spice up their outdoor living experience. 

Have your clients recently added a pool to their backyard but aren't really using it? Design a comfortable space right next to it, like a beautiful fire pit surrounded by benches. Create an outdoor living experience in your backyard and we guarantee that everyone will dive into that pool much more often! Plus, it brings much needed heat, light, ambiance… and it looks good.


Homeowners aren't only searching for a pretty backyard design. They want a multi-functional outdoor living space. At Techo-Bloc, we make it simple for you to provide them with functionality. Our collection of walls allows you to build retaining walls, fire pits and other vertical elements, but they can also be chosen to build an outdoor kitchen.

This year, we even extended our line of outdoor features. Consult all the features that can be built with our signature wall products in our brand-new support manual.


Curb Appeal


You probably get busier every year. It’s the same for your customers. When a homeowner pulls in their driveway at the end of a long day at work, it’s discouraging to gaze upon a plain front yard. Why not make it appealing and inviting? Why not build a unique and spectacular front yard that will have all the neighbors doing a double take. 

Grabbing people’s attention quickly comes in handy when it’s time to search for potential buyers, and first impression matters. Plus, a paver driveway gives homeowners the opportunity to sell their house for a higher price than a house with a simple, common asphalt driveway. Installed in a permeable application, they’ve got quite a sustainable investment!



Hardscape Lighting


Integrating lighting into a landscape differentiates a boring backyard from a one-of-a-kind outdoor living space. No wonder why it’s increasingly popular!

How can they enjoy their landscape investment when they can’t see the details that make it special? Use lighting to highlight these details and give homeowners the opportunity to enjoy their space all day and night. Don’t let the darkness end your client’s day too soon.


Don’t forget the front yard. Not only is lighting important in backyards, but also in front! Think about adding lights so they can admire their investment fully. 

Get in touch with our friends from In-lite or come see them at their booth at our Contractor Showcase events! It can double your offering, and your customers will pay more if they understand and appreciate the difference lighting can make.

Low Maintenance Outdoor Living


Busy homeowners barely have time to clean their house, so it’s hard for them to fit backyard maintenance in their schedule! You shouldn’t build a new outdoor living space that will require a lot of maintenance. You don’t want your customers to get tired of their investment too soon.

Laying pavers and slabs in their backyard means homeowners will have less grass to cut, but those concrete blocks still need to be cleaned occasionally. Techo-Bloc’s high-quality concrete products require minimal maintenance since they are exposed to the elements 365 days per year and their integrity won’t be affected if installed properly.

Consider installing pavers or slabs in a permeable application if homeowners are self-conscious about the effect of adding concrete everywhere has on the environment. The storm water will be drained through the joints and not collect at the surface. No water cycle interruption. No risk of slipping on ice. Less use of de-icing salts required.




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