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Should I Use Glue or Mortar When Installing My Venetian Overlay?

Publish by Publié par Jonathan Hendy on le Aug 28, 2017 10:51:42 AM


Given that both methods are suitable options for the installation of overlay on concrete steps, the key is to determine which will best suit the needs of the surrounding landing as well as the steps that are being covered.

  • The concrete adhesives that are typically found on the market are elastomers with a polyurethane base. In other words, they are incredibly flexible and resistant to freeze-thaw cycles.
  • In contrast, the polymer in polymer-modified mortar enhances the characteristics of the mortar, making it especially apt at handling freeze-thaw cycles.

Regardless of whichever product is chosen, it is instrumental that the surface you’re planning on recovering be in good condition. In fact, the latter should be solid, and unmarked by erosion, paint, dirt, and all other substances that could potentially less the adhesives grip.

Glue is likely to be a good choice if no corrections need to be made to the base. In other words, if the height of the steps is consistent, and if the slope of the outdoor stairs and landing allow the water to properly flow towards the street. With all these requirements met, the project should be accomplished quickly and with ease.


Although polymer-modified mortar may also be used if the above conditions are met, it’s impressive capabilities would be even more advantageous in less favorable circumstances. After all, mortar provides us with the opportunity to correct errors in a landing or even stairs’ slope. That being said, you must consult the manufacturers recommendations in order to determine the maximum thickness of mortar that you may apply.

Making the right choice between glue and mortar will allow you to achieve better results (functionally and aesthetically) and ensure that your outdoor landscaping project better stand the test of time.



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