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Top 4 Ways to Respect a Landscape Project Budget

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Techo-Bloc is a company that thrives on new trends and literally paves the way with new technological advances in the industry. Not to brag (maybe a little), but we have over 30 paver styles, 15 slab options, dozens of retaining wall blocks, caps, steps and other products to choose from. Why so much selection? The answer is simple; everyone’s personal style should be met and different projects require different products.

1. Larger Stones Are Better in Linear-Shaped Spaces

Due to their sleek look and smaller quantity of joints, large landscaping stones are all the rage right now. If your goal is to cover more ground with less pieces, they’re the ideal choice for you. In fact, if you’re looking to fill a rectangular or square space, these stones are a great alternative to more traditional sizes. That being said, they’re tricky to incorporate around a curvy pool or winding pathway as wave-like shapes require a lot of cuts.


2. Small Paving Stones Go a Long Way in Narrow Awkward-Shaped Areas and Winding Paths

For winding pathways go with smaller units as they demand less saw-cutting time, resources, and equipment. Now when you limit cuts, you limit the margin of error and potential messes for contractors, which translates into…a better deal! Want to create an intricate pattern? Use. Smaller. Pavers. Techo-Bloc offers a larger variety of smaller paving stones, Antika, Hera, Parisien, and Allegro are just a few of the many. Say you fall in love with Blu 80mm, a larger product, but the dimensions are too big. Eva paver provides the same look on a smaller scale. Moral of the story? There’s always a way to create your dream outdoor space and stay within budget.


3. Walls That Look Good from Every Angle

This tip is to the point (I hear you; places to go, people to see): free-standing walls should be built with double-sided walls (meaning they have finished textures on both sides). If not, you have to build two walls face-to-face in order to get the texture on both sides – double the material and double the labor.

Looking for double-sided walls? Check out Techo-Bloc's Brandon, BorealisGraphix, Manchester, Mini-Creta, Mini-Creta Architectural, Prescott, RöckaRaffinato, Semma, and Travertina Raw.


4. Outdoor Stone Steps That Literally Step up Your Design

When building your outdoor stairs consider opting for monolithic steps (in other words, stand-alone steps) instead of walls and caps. Although these new-age alternatives may be heavier and more expensive, they’re less-time consuming (and labour + time = expenses) than building walls and laying caps on them. This new take on outdoor stairs is also design friendly as a result of its versatility.




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