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By Sophie Rhéaume • February 15, 2019

Think Outside the Concrete Block with Techo-Bloc's Versatile Product Line


A Techo-Bloc product is much more than just a concrete block!


We produce the highest quality concrete blocks in the landscape industry. We accumulated more than 30 patents over the years and even introduced a brand new HD2 technology last year. We have a strict manufacturing process and we submit our products to regular testing to make sure they always exceed industry standards. A single product can fit in numerous applications, but do you know how versatile they can become?


Techo-Bloc Blu Family for your next construction project


 Introducing the Techo-Bloc Blu Family. 


Our Blu pavers are a great example of how we place innovation and quality at the top of our priorities.

When Blu was introduced 10 years ago, it rocked the landscape industry with its slate texture, 3-piece system on a large scale, reduced chamfer and pronounced joint, allowing it to be installed in an interlocking and permeable application.

Blu was an instant hit, and its popularity kept growing as the years went by.

As demand grew, so did the family.

We launched Blu 45 for overlays, Blu 60, Blu Grande (large scale), Blu 80 for driveways, and a smooth modern texture.


Then, we opted for even more variety when we came up with the Valet paver, a 6.5 x 6.5 piece with a basalt stone texture that provides depth to the Blu Family.


blu family

Finally, last year saw the release of the smallest member of the family, the Squadra paver, a mini cobble with an antique aged texture.



This is where the magic happens. Did you know that they all work together?


Together, these three concrete blocks form what we call the Blu Family, and their combination opens the door to endless design possibilities and landscaping ideas.

It looks good in a picture, but it’s even better to see this family being brought to life right in front of you!

We give a Blu Family live demonstration at our Contractor Showcase events. You might still have time to register to the biggest landscape show in the industry!




When a step becomes a wall


Our versatility doesn’t stop at the Blu Family.

Last summer, we thought outside the concrete block by building a raised patio on a permeable base with Raffinato Step units instead of typical wall units.

It has step in its name, it can only be used as a step! That’s not how it works. With Techo-Bloc, there is always more that meets the eye, and it’s never just a concrete block.

While this versatile building product marvels in a step application, it is also a perfect choice to build a beautiful wall, fast. Even if it’s not technically a wall product.


What makes Raffinato Step a gravity wall?

A gravity wall is defined by 4 characteristics:

  • Weight
  • Width
  • Depth
  • Setback

Is it heavy enough? 359 pounds is more than enough.

Does its width comply? It measures 42”. Again, more than enough.

Its depth? 14.5”.

Setback? Well, it doesn’t come with clips....so it can’t work?

You only need string line and tape measures, and you’ve got a setback.

Now you might ask yourself, is Raffinato Step the only step I can build a wall with? It sure is not!

Borealis Step units can be stacked up to build beautiful walls.



As well as Röcka Step units.



What about our signature Maya Step? Can it become a wall?


You will be pleased to know that Maya comes in 4 different shapes and they can be combined in the following 17 configurations:


There are already people who tried it, and it’s quite a sight!



Big concrete blocks can increase your productivity, but only if you’ve got the right base and equipment!


Using a big concrete product like Raffinato requires equipment AND precision in your base.

Big concrete blocks are harder to move, so your base needs to be perfect.

Choosing a step unit to build a wall brings more value because:

  • It’s faster to lay and level the 1st course

On the 1st course, every block needs to be leveled front to back, side to side and amongst each other.


The size of the concrete block affects how many times you need to do this. Bigger blocks combined with a good, leveled base means less time spent.

  • It’s easier to mechanically lay large units vs segmental wall blocks
  • It’s easier to backfill without affecting batter. Backfill every course

Plus, it represents the wall, step tread and pavement for the landing all in one, making it and incredibly versatile building product.