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By Sophie Rhéaume • July 27, 2018

How to Build a Rain Harvesting System with Permeable Pavement - Part 2


In part 1, we installed the material we need for our rain harvesting system. Now, Paver Pete explains how to set elevations and manage drainage for this patio construction project.



One of the keys to building an upper patio area is maintaining a consistent rise and run.

We had an 8-inches step from our deck height, 8-inches down to the upper area.

rise and run-1

A slight pitch will be formed.

Since we were very close to the foundation wall, the water needed to be evacuated into the environment, away from the wall.

The line representing our finished graded pavement was relatively flat, so we pitched all of the water towards this way.

The water could not run towards the steps neither since it can lead to settlement and failure in the future.

To make sure the steps were leveled correctly, we used the Quick-E-Wall Screed system from Pave Tool Innovators.

We set the metal bars in with a laser level, leveled them front to back and screeded each section at a time.

wall screed

Then, we needed to pull them out, fill the holes they created with stone and lay our Prescott wall blocks in Rock Garden Brown.

ajouter bloc

We verified if the block was correctly leveled, but it should already be since we used the Pave Tool Quick-E-Wall Screed system.

Now it’s time to add more blocks!